People really freak out about gender binary because they think that it is THE only unchangeable thing. And it is THE only thing they can depend on to always be there.
Everything might change but the one thing that’s always gonna be there that’s MEN and WOMEN. And it can’t be changed, cause you’re either born with a dick or not!
And then along come all these people doing that:
They’re like chopping stuff off and adding stuff on. Getting married when they both have the same “plumbing” …
That’s really upsetting to people who need to feel like there’s some ground under them that they can always depend on. We’re destroying that ground. In THEIR mind.
But to me, the ground is never there to begin with.
There is no security, there is no constant. Except change. And we are representing that change in a real way and wear it in people’s faces, reminding them: do you like constant? — It’s change…



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November 6, 2011 · 6:49 pm

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